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Home Back Pain Relief

The Backbridge stretches and aligns your spine to provide back pain relief and correct your posture.

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Imagine a Pain-Free Back.

Customizable Back & Neck Pain Relief

Multiple levels that meet you at your level, progress with you over time, and allow you to sustain back health.

Improve Posture

Fight hunching and text neck and stand tall and confident.

Easy to Use

Home treatment that gets results in 2 mins, twice a day.

Cost-Effective, Sustainable Back Health

For the fraction of one chiropractic visit, you can sustain a healthy back at home.

Five customizable levels of support

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I received the Backbridge a few weeks ago and it's made such a difference for me!

So Worth It!

I have had chronic back pain since my days is the military and routinely go to the chiropractor but being that the virus has kept us home I decided to give this a try. Let me tell you, it is awesome [and] it gives me the relief and alignment that I need almost daily. 

Gavin W.

Finally a back relief product that works and has adjustable levels! I sit at a desk all day, which has caused poor posture, stiffness, and pain. I’ve been using the Backbridge 2x a day for 2 minutes and it had started to fix my posture and eliminated my pain! I love the 5 levels. I started at level 1 and now am on 3. 


I have chronic lower back pain. After using the BackBridge twice a day, 2 minutes at a time, my back feels so much better! I’m currently using 2 of the arches but hopefully I will be able to “graduate” to the next arch soon. Highly recommend.


How Backbridge Works

Choose From 5 Support Levels

Improve Posture

Treat Upper and Middle Back Pain

Relieve Lower Back Pain

Join Thousands of Others, and End Your Back Pain

Created by New York City-Based Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Sinett

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