Inventor of the Backbridge

Meet Dr. Todd Sinett


Meet Dr. Todd Sinett

My story about a tennis ball, Johnny Cakes and an exercise ball.

Wholistic Healer

Dr. Sinett founded Tru Whole Care in Manhattan to get patients back into balance by treating individuals on three different levels: structural, digestive and emotional.  Through his unique, three-tiered approach and his revolutionary Backbridge, Dr. Sinett is helping back pain sufferers address the underlying source of their pain and live healthier, happier lives.

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Dr. Sinett is an accomplished author of 5 titles: 3 Weeks To A Better Back, The Back Pain Relief DietThe Ultimate Backbridge Stretch Book, Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap and THE GOOD SH*T Diet.

He has dedicated his career and life as a pain expert, finding and treating the root causes of back pain, not just treating the symptoms.

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Dr. Sinett designed the patented Backbridge. The Backbridge is a soft, 5-level fitness tool able to support all levels of your exercise and back health routine. Dr. Sinett's Backbridge has been featured in Men's Health, Fast Company, Men's Journal, Newsweek and SELF Magazine.

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