Stretch class for those with back pain.

Video full body STRETCH all-levels class (29 mins)

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Come stretch with us using the Backbridge for a full 30 minutes. Video is made for all fitness levels. 

Certified fitness and pilates instructor takes us through the most important stretches we should all be doing, daily. 

Simple downloadable video allows you to replay at the computer, in your very own home. 

As with all exercise programs, when using our video, please use common sense. To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program.  


Once purchased, the class is able to be downloaded for repeated use. 

Back Stretches for Everyone

5 Levels: Backbridge

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Why choose us?

the backbridge difference

Developed by a second-generation Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Sinett, the Backbridge is the only patented, stable back pain solution to offer a safe, progressive extension and spinal decompression solution.

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I've experienced noticeable pain relief in less than a month just by using it as suggested, for 2 minutes after waking and 2min before bed. I suggest starting at the lowest level and slowly working your way up to the higher ones. It's taking me about 1-2 weeks to feel ready for each step (I'm going from 3 to 4 now) and it's working well for me to transition by adding the next level for the first 30sec of the 2min and then taking it off for the remainder of the time for a couple of days before going to the next step.


I have had chronic back pain since my days is the military and routinely go to the chiropractor but being that the virus has kept us home I decided to give this a try. Let me tell you it is Awesome it gives me the relief and alignment that I need almost daily. You really don't have much to lose because it give you a 90 day money back guarantee so give it a try and get some relief. Oh by the way I stand just over 6'1 and am 350 so if it can support me it can support almost anyone.

Gavin W.

for your spine.

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our patented design


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