Five Steps to Get Dressed Properly to Help Prevent Back Injury

Five Steps to Get Dressed Properly to Prevent Back Injury, and Contribute to Your Overall Well-Being

How do you put on your pants? What about your socks? If not yourself, you have seen one of your parents do this seemly simple task?

These may seem like silly questions on mundane activities you may consider non-too-important, however these ordinary, everyday actions—when done wrong—can cause severe back injuries with long-term consequences.

“I see so many injuries on people of all ages who have fallen simply because of the way they get dressed,” says Dr. Todd Sinett, a 20-year veteran of chiropractic medicine. “In some cases, people had been hurriedly balancing on one foot as they put on a sock and then they fall. In other instances, they are standing as they put on their pants and then their feet get stuck or tangled that causes a fall.”

It's not just falls either that lead to injury, says Dr. Sinett. How one is engaging muscles and contorting the body with the same dressing motions daily can also have negative effects on the back.

“It’s important to sit for these activities, take time to get dressed safely to prevent a very big injury that could have long-term detrimental effects,” Dr. Sinett says.

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Make it An Experience
Correct dressing actions and taking that time can also be a wonderful opportunity for a moment of mental self-care as well. Consider it a complete approach to your overall health to prep yourself for a great day ahead!

Our 5-step plan to getting dressing safely for complete well-being:

Step 1: Rise Early

Get up five minutes early so that time is dedicated to getting dressed in a calm manner.

Step 2: Dressing Sanctuary                                                                             

Head to your dressing ‘sanctuary’ where you’ll sit and take moment just for yourself before you venture out in the world where you often are doing so much for others.

This area could just be the end of your bed, or a special nook in a walk-in closet. You could even invest in a beautiful bench for sitting that will signify the importance of your physical and mental health.

Step 3: Sit, Dress & Breathe

Sit down to put on your socks and pants to prevent back injury. During the activity, take a few deep cleansing breathes that contributes to your mental health and mind’s clarity. In through the nose and out through the mouth.

Step 4: Gratitude

As you continue to dress, think of at least one thing you’re grateful for and say out loud why you’re grateful. It could be that you’re thankful for your body and all it allows you to do, or maybe you’re grateful for the delicious ice cream you had the night before!

Reciting such gratitudes has been proven to contribute to one’s overall health and happiness, and a wonderful way to start the day.

Step 5: Take on The Day

Stand up, now dressed knowing you took time just for yourself to get ready for the day in a safe and nourishing way.

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