7 Unique Uses for the Backbridge, Besides Posture and Pain Relief

One of the best aspects of Backbridge is its versatility. While many use it to fix their posture or seek back pain relief, it has many other uses. From yoga to fitness training, the Backbridge is a great tool for all types of health exercises.


The Backbridge allows you to do any of the exercises you would do with a large exercise ball, except the Backbridge is smaller, customizable, more safe and portable.

 Yoga pose Cobra with Backbridge 


Fitness Training

Fitness step platforms can sometimes be too hard of a surface for intense fitness training. The Backbridge’s customizable medical-grade foam levels are both durable and soft enough to make the exercise more challenging than a typical step platform. Squats, pushups, lunges, and tricep dips are great exercises to use with the Backbridge.  Bicycling Magazine partnered with our Backbridge to give riders ten exercises specifically for cyclists. 

 Bicyling Magazine article



Using the Backbridge for stretching allows you to personalize and deepen your stretches. Its contoured design and 5 interlocking levels allow you to customize stretches, as increasing levels make the stretches more intense. Check out The Ultimate Backbridge Stretch Book for all types of full body stretches.

 Backbridge Stretch Book



The Backbridge is a great substitute for a yoga support block. Its contoured design makes it more comfortable than a rigid block, it is more stable than standing a wobbling block, and its 5 levels allow you to customize beyond a single-sized block.




The Backbridge is a great alternative to a pilates barrel because it’s portable and customizable, with its various levels.



Core Training

Use the Backbridge to help isolate your core and abs. Check out Sit-Ups Are Stupid and Crunches Are Crap to learn about specific ab exercises.



Balance Exercises

Proprioception and balance are key aspects of health. The Backbridge can do the job of physical therapy proprioceptive pads and Theraband stability trainers.

Happy exercising!