FULL YOGA class with the Backbridge!

In 2008 I created the Backbridge to help people correct core imbalance and back pain. The vast majority of us are suffering from core imbalance caused by too much forward hunch. This flexion is brought on by our aging process, improper exercise practices, as well as being slumped forward all day in front of computers, texting, or anything else we may do while we are sitting with poor posture.

As I continued to help people with their back pain, core imbalance , and spinal flexibility, I realized the Backbridge doesn't just return flexibility to your spine, it returns flexibility to your entire body.

By utilizing the Backbridge, you are able to combine health and fitness, and fix your posture, while training your core and dramatically improving your flexibility, 

As a gift to you, our good friend and yoga instructor Sabrina Marr, has created an entire yoga class using the power of the Backbridge.

Click  HERE for the free YOGA class with Sabrina.

Looking for virtual yoga classes? Visit HERE for more details about Sabrina Marr.