What is PROGRESSIVE Stretching?

When it comes to stretching, many of us have our list of go-to stretches to do, and we do them repeatedly to warm up, cool down, and activate our muscles. For example, bending over to touch your toes is a typical stretch. Unfortunately, this stretch never changes and never advances. You do the same motion repeatedly, hoping that if you practice this movement long enough, you will be able to go lower and maybe, just maybe (!) one day touch your toes.

Let's talk about exercise and the importance of progression. For example, in weight lifting, a common exercise is the bench press. You don't bench press the same weight every time. If you want to get progressively stronger and stronger, you need to advance and add more weight over time. With weight or resistance training, everyone starts at one level and slowly progresses as they build up strength. Exercises and their impact on your body are very different if you are lifting 5 lb dumbells than lifting to 50-pound dumbells. Simple common sense!

When it comes to stretching, I discovered this simple approach of progression doesn't seem to exist with other back stretching products. Our current stretching routines don't progress because every stretch stays the same. If you think about it, this is a highly flawed model. Your stretches need to be progressive, just like weight training. This lack of progression is why even the most well-intentioned stretchers continue to lose their flexibility. As a society, we are becoming tighter and stiffer and our bodies are breaking down in the simplest of movements.

The answer to this stretching question? Progressive stretching! With five levels, the Backbridge is designed to help you do safely do progressive stretching. The five different stackable levels allow you to take a stretch and change the stretch's complexity with the usage of the different levels.

For instance, sometimes, using all five levels of the Backbridge gives you maximal support and limits the stretch's intensity, and as you progress, you use fewer and fewer levels to increase the impact of the stretch. Additionally, as you add levels of Backbridge, the stretch can become more and more intense for different stretches. It all depends on the stretches.

The Backbridge is unparalleled in its safety because it starts your stretch routine at your flexibility level, reducing the risks of overstretching and hurting yourself. Also, its arched contoured design allows you to isolate specific muscles that you want to stretch. The Backbridge is unparalleled in its effectiveness because it creates this dynamic, progressive aspect missing in most products available on the market today.

By doing progressive stretching instead of static stretching, your body will safely and steadily improve its flexibility and limberness.

For years the paperback copy of my book 'The Ultimate Backbridge Stretch Book' has been sold on Amazon. Starting this week, you can purchase the book and the Backbridge on backbridge.com.  This simple book will hep you progressively stretch your way to better health by releasing tension, regaining fleiblity and relieving backpain.

As a second-generation Chiropractor, I know first hand how aging, exercise, and stress impact your body in many ways, leaving you sore, tight, or in just plain pain. Even activities that don't seem harmful, like sitting, can have adverse effects and make muscles stiff and achy.

Progressive stretching is a gentle exercise that helps you loosen tender muscles, relieve discomfort, regain flexibility, and prevent and rehabilitate injuries. It can be a natural way to cure pain and can even lengthen your life! My stretching book is your guide to stretching your body, from head to toe. It includes a quick, total-body routine that can fit into your hectic schedule, as well as individual stretches to target specific zones of your body—and features tandem stretching, yoga and balance exercises.

Most importantly, it utilizes the Backbridge, my patented, revolutionary stretching tool. As I have said before, the arched contoured design maximizes a muscle's isolation and its stackable levels allow the user to alter the intensity of any stretch. The Backbridge is the ultimate way to help you incrementally and comfortably fix your posture, train your core, and dramatically improve your flexibility.

The Ultimate Backbridge Stretch Book includes:
• A 15-minute full-body stretch routine
• A focused back stretch plan that counteracts the effects of flexion and relieves back pain
• Tandem or partner stretching to increase the intensity
• A guide to targeting your tight spots
• Balance and proprioception exercises to help you stabilize your body and avoid injury
• Backbridge Yoga, allowing you to modify and grow in your yoga practice

When you purchase the Backbridge AND the paperback stretch book together at backbridge.com, receive $10 off with code BBbook10.

Happy  p r o g r e s s i v e  stretching!