Six Delicious Foods to Help Alleviate Your Back Pain

As people we crave answers, especially when our health is involved. For anyone suffering from an aching, sore back it’s important to know why this pain is happening and how to stop it.

Dr. Todd Sinett, creator of the Backbridge has made it his life’s work to find out the whys of back pain and ways to eliminate it. What we eat, he says, is one of the biggest culprits to muscle inflammation and pain.

“It doesn’t matter if you suffer from a nagging tight back or the kind of severe back pain that is incapacitating. Even if you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, or spinal stenosis, your diet could still be the cause of much of your suffering,” Dr. Sinett says.

It seems odd to think what we consume can affect our backs, but it’s all connected to our gut health. It’s simple. When your digestive system is upset, it creates gut inflammation, which ultimately causes muscular inflammation, resulting in pain.

The amazing news is that anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly foods can be a solution to relieving your pain!

Ahead are six of Dr Sinett’s favorites. And some may not just surprise you but delight you as well!

#1 Almond milk.
Many people can’t digest dairy and this lack of digestion leads to gut inflammation. A rich and creamy alternative with a smooth consistency is almond milk. And most brands are fortified with the same amount of calcium and vitamin D that you’ll find in cow’s milk.

#2 Eggs.
Eggs are a simple, delicious way to add protein to a meal that will be good for the gut! Have them hard-boiled, in a frittata or make an omelet with veggies and aged cheese.

#3 Nuts and Seeds.
Nuts are another great source of protein and can be kind to the stomach; Both nuts and seeds are also loaded with a variety of nutrients, from zinc to omega-3 fatty acids. Grab a handful of your favs, or indulge in nut and seed oils and nut and seed butters.

#4 Dark chocolate.
Yes! We love all reasons to consume chocolate. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants that are so good for your health, making this a perfect treat for your tastebuds and your body!

#5 Sweet potatoes.
Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A, which is a powerful antioxidant. They are also a versatile high-fiber carbohydrate and so delicious to add to breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

#6 Avocado.
This yummy fruit is a fantastic substitute for cheese when you’re cutting out dairy since dairy can be a trigger to gut inflammation. Because of the creamy texture of avocados, it’s perfect for smoothies and used as a spread on sandwiches. Don’t forget to also add a sliced avocado to salads.

It’s important to note we’re all unique and everyone’s digestive system is different, so some gut-friendly foods might not work for you. For example, while nuts can be great for some people, it may not be for others. If you’re not feeling great after consuming any of the above then it’s best to stop eating those foods.

You can take a deeper dive into understanding your diet and how it relates to your own unique digestive system and potential back pain by reading Dr. Sinett’s book The Back Pain Relief Diet. Here, you can also take the Digestive Inflammation Test to understand how your unique food habits relate to your health.