3 Reasons Why Your Back Pain Could Be a Good Thing

No one wants to suffer from back pain, even if it seems inevitable. Back pain can vary from debilitating pain to a constant nag. Luckily, I’ve spent the last 25 years of my career helping people with their back pain. While most people view back pain as a curse, it often turns out to be a blessing helping with small little life changing, well, eh, changes!

Your back pain itself isn’t the problem: it’s actually the cause of your back pain that needs to be corrected. Back pain is merely a symptom of an underlying imbalance or problem. Unfortunately, people spend so much time and energy trying to alleviate the pain that they neglect the important message their bodies are telling them.

Causes of back pain come from 3 imbalances in the body:
1. A structural imbalance or poor posture
2. Digestive inflammation and diet imbalance
3. Emotional imbalance and stress

The key to getting rid of back complications is restoring balance to your body. Thus, if your back pain urges you to one, correct your posture, two, change up your diet, or three, practice meditation and/or take on an exercise regimen, it’s a good thing for your body.

Most back pain starts because of an accumulation of bad habits. The solution is to practice healthier habits. What better catalyst for better habits than your back pain?! Next time you suffer from back pain, use it as an opportunity to listen and learn about your body. It may turn out to be the biggest blessing you ever had for your health!