Check Engine! Your Body's Warning Signs.

You are driving, and all of a sudden, a warning engine light comes on. What do you do? Most people take it very seriously and don't ignore this warning light. They know if they ignore the warning signs your car sends when something is wrong, it can lead to some big problems. Your car could shut down and stop working.

Did you know your body produces warning messages? Back pain is your body's warning light, so please listen to it. What do YOU do if your back starts to hurt? Do you ignore it and hope it will go away? As a practicing Chiropractor who has seen thousands of patients over the years, I can tell you that neglecting a pain in your back (and other parts of your body!) generally leads to more significant problems and more pain. You need to get to the source of your pain by asking yourself a few questions:

Are you super stressed and uptight?

Have you been sitting tons hunched over for hours at a time and not stretching?

Have you been eating foods that upset your digestive system and then subsequently your back?

Like your car's engine light, there are many different causes for your body's engine light to ignite. Pay attention to your vital warning signs.

Next time you get a body warning light, please treat it like you would if your car's warning light went on. Getting to the cause of the problem and fixing it is vital for your back and your overall health.