The Problems With Lumbar Chair Support

You may think that your lumbar chair support cushion is helpful, but there are actually three reasons why it's ALL WRONG.


  1. A lumbar support cushion is solely limited to your lower back, known as your lumbar spine. You actually need back support for your entire spine, not just your lower back.


  1. It's curved the wrong way! Many back supports are concave, meaning your back sinks into the support. This actually puts your back in a harmful position! A proper support cushion should be convex, urging your spine to go into extension. Our spines are so slouched and forward-hunched that we need support that counteracts this position!


  1. A one-size-fits-all back approach doesn't work! Because there is so much variability in people's bodies and spines, there should be plenty of variability in chair support.


  1. Cushions tend to be too thin or too thick. A cushion that is too thin will not provide enough support, and a cushion that is too thick will push your spine too far forward.


While many lumbar chair support cushions are harmful, Backbridge is the perfect support for your chair.


1. Backbridge is much taller than most supports. It impacts your thoracic spine, in addition to your lumbar spine.

2. Backbridge is convex, putting your back into healthy, proper alignment.

3. Backbridge is completely adjustable in the thickness of the support. It comes in three levels: the first level being 2 inches thick, and all other levels being 1.25 inches thick. Depending on your size and the individual chair, you can use Backbridge from 2 to 4.5 inches of support. It comes with a strap to hold the levels in place on the back of your chair.


What's great about Backbridge is that you can use it in your car, in your desk chair, or in the gym. It's a perfect substitute for lumbar chair support cushions by giving your entire back the support it needs.