The Science Behind the Backbridge

We are in a Back Pain Epidemic.  

One of the leading causes of back pain is our poor posture and alignment. We are sitting for hours hunched over our computers, smart phones; sitting for hours on long commutes, or just having trouble resisting gravity as we age.

"We are continually slumping forward and our backs are suffering as a result." - Dr. Sinett

Many people try to fix this by being more mindful about their posture or have someone (or something) continually tell them to stand up straight.  Unfortunately, these approaches won’t fix the problem.  The answer is not just better posture but Progression Extension. 


What is Progressive Extension? 

Let’s start with answering, what is extension? Extension is what in everyday language we refer to as “good posture.” Good posture – spine straight, head forward—is an important aspect to better back health. But, while good posture gets us standing taller and upright, it doesn't alleviate pain.

"Good posture fails to correct the underlying and long-term impact of our past bad posture." _ Dr. Sinett

To use a dental analogy, you can’t realign someone’s teeth just by putting braces on them and never increasing the tension. To realign your back (just like your teeth) you need to adjust and re-adjust. Progressive Extension acts in the same way as braces by allowing you to adjust and re-adjust the back stretching thereby reinforcing the alignment your spine needs.  The result is a slow and steady progression of realignment.


The Backbridge Provides Progressive Extension. 

The Backbridge's ergonomic design focuses on each distinct group of vertebrae in the back. Whether suffering from upper, middle, or lower back, you are able to target the area of pain and stretch and release pain through the 5 stackable levels. 

Backbridge gives you progressive extension by allowing you to customize the level of stretch. 

Start at a level that is easy and comfortable for you and then progress through the different levels continually adding more stretch and extension to your body.  You’ll find that through progressive extension, you will realign the spine and feel the difference.  


Get ready for aaahhhhh.